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Misc. Tools


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Resources  just ping
Ping a server or web site using our network with 8+ checkpoints worldwide
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Resources  KangarooCards
With this webtool you can add an e-card service to your website.
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Resources  Kee Dup
Image search made easy, KeedUp keywording service provides optimised image descriptions, captions and keywords to speed up search and retrieval of your images.
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Resources  KeepNI Tools
KeepNI Revolutionary Link checker for website, with IPL, will slash the time needed to fix a broken link. Hight speed scan, can scan big sites 650,000 pages and more. Support flash .swf, exclude lists. Password management for pasword protected zones. rescan for short focused objectives like timed out pages and external links . IPL link Browser and internal HTML editor will save your precious time. full control over scan scope you can limit to subdomain or specific branch, exclud forums r other areas. Per site profile save your settings for each website.
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Resources  Klarnet CMS
Klarnet CMS product is website content management system designed for creation of effective and reliable websites.
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Resources  LinkShield Affiliate Link Protection
LinkShield protects your affiliate commissions by securing your affiliate URL. A must for anyone who promotes affiliate links via email, ezines, classified ads, newsgroup postings and website links. LinkShield makes it impossible for people to remove your affiliate tracking code, potentially saving you hundreds of dollars a day.
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Resources  Live Chat
Website chat and monitoring tool for customer support enabling online communication with your website visitors. You can proactively invite your visitors to chat, push pages, transfer calls to other operators, use canned answers, save chat sessions logs, view visitor??Щs geo location, visited pages, referrer and more. Fully customizable chat window to fit your website's design. 10-day fully functional free trial.
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Resources  Live2Support
Live2support is customer relation management solution for one to one live chat with availability status and real time visitors monitoring. Easy plug in for your web site. Your site visitor can see whether you are online for live help or offline. No software download. Provide support/sales from anywhere and any computer. Push Pages, Predefine responses, Chat Transcripts, Multiple Chat Session per executive. Administrative functions ??У support executive setup, chat transcript management, checking current chat session etc. Can be integrated in less than 30 minutes. IP Sciences -- WebScope
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Resources  LiveChatNow!
Live Chat Software for your website. Wide range of features: Live Spelling, follow me, push page, referring URL tracking, geo locator, visitor's chat transfer, hide to tray, screen saver detection.
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Resources  LiveHelper
Add live customer service to your site for Free. This fully customizable voice and text chat solution can be added to your site in less than 30 minutes.
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