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Java and JavaScripts


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Resources  Codehouse.com
JavaScript articles, scripts, online tools, book reviews, bookmarklets, and other resources for programmers and webmasters.
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Resources  CodeThatTab
Advanced JavaScript tab control (page control). CodeThatTab is an advanced JavaScript tab control (page control) that fully mimics look and the functionality of the tab control found in Windows GUI specifications and serves the same purpose. Use CodeThatTab to create a multiple page form within the same window. CodeThatTab displays multiple overlapping pages that hold various content. The user selects a page by clicking the page's tab that appears at the top of the control (or in the other configured position).
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Resources  Dan Crintea - Java resources
Java resources for programmers and web developers
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Resources  DHTML Menu - New QuickMenu Pro v3.0
Create highly adaptable, cross browser, DHTML based drop down menus in minutes with QuickMenu Pro. OpenCube's new version 3.0 DHTML menu adds over 40 new parameters for generating eye catching dynamic navigation effects to suit the needs of the most demanding web sites. J-scripts.com
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Resources  Dynamicdrive.com DHTML code library
Comprehensive DHTML code library featuring free, original DHTML scripts and components
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Resources  E-Gate Lite
This java applet provides free stock quotes, charts, news, and watchlists to your websites vistors.
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Resources  Epoch DHTML Javascript Calendar
Epoch JavaScript Calendar and DatePicker empowers the developer to quickly upgrade their users' web experience without spending hours developing complex date-validation scripts. Epoch is developed entirely using OOP Javascript and CSS, making it exeedingly simple to integrate Epoch into your current framework. Epoch runs on all major browsers, including Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla, FireFox, Netscape Navigator, Opera, and more. Features: Fast loading and initialization; Intuitive, customizable interface; Can display as a Flat or Popup (DatePicker) calendar; Automatic Date Formatting-US, European, or create your own; Multiple-Date selection-by clicking on calendar cells or the day and week headings; Full Object-Oriented Design; CSS Styling. Now available in English, Dutch, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Chinese, and Japanese versions.
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Resources  Free Javascript Examples
Free Javascript Examples :)
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Resources  Free-javascripts.com
A database listing 100s of free Javascripts.
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Resources  Freeware Java
Offers Java applets, tutorials, references, books, and more.
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