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Remotely Hosted  Flash-Guestbook.com
Flash guestbook.
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Remotely Hosted  Free Guestbook - 123Guestbook.com
Free guestbook provider with tons of features, such as: replying, editing and deleting messages, thank-you email, email on new entry, scroller with last message to put on your website, and lots more
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Remotely Hosted  Free Guestbook Net
Free and customizable with email and language support.
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Remotely Hosted  free-guestbooks.net
Free guestbooks with spam protection.
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Remotely Hosted  GlobalGuest Guestbooks
Get a free guestbook for your web page and select options such as language filter, e-mail notified when someone signs your guestbook, e-mail a thank-you message to the persons who sign it, html remover and bad language filter. You can customize fonts, sizes, colors, back to link, indenting, midi music, background image, welcome title, change fields or add fields, delete entries and lots other personalizable features (ie change the submit/reset buttons, and the results messages and activate the special mimicking feature for the signing guestbook page) including statistics on number of visitors to your website and total signed entries. Easy to setup and easy to use.
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Remotely Hosted  Guestbook Central
Free Guestbooks! Guestbook Central is for anyone who wants a guestbook for their homepage!
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Remotely Hosted  Guestbook Depot
Free guestbooks for your web page. Get a great, easy to customize guestbook without the hassle of installing CGI scripts.
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Remotely Hosted  Guestbook Giant
Get your own Free guestbook account online. Have as many guestbooks you want. In one Account.
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Remotely Hosted  guestbook.pax.nu
Guestbook with - Quick Message Guide, delete unwanted messages, use your own background, Anonymous voting on your home page, etc..
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Remotely Hosted  Guestbook24
Free Guestbooks for your homepage. Quick and easy to integrate.
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